the alpine swiss school is your ski & snowboard school in zermatt

           Our team of highly-qualified alpine sports instructors are passionate about their work. Whether you are a novice, an intermediate or even a high-mountain off-piste skier, we have something we can bring to add to your skill and enjoyment. Join us to learn, to have fun, to add to your own skills - or just be with us simply to share the most beautiful and scenic parts of this magnificent mountain.  

Don’t worry if you need us to speak in your home language. Our instructors are multilingual and we speak English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian...

  • Maxime Riviera

    director & ski instructor

    teaches in english, french, italien and spanish

  • Simon

    technical director SSS level 3

    teaches in english and french

  • Alwin Ganz

    deputy director & instructor OFFT

     teaches in english, german, french and italian

  • Graziella

    kids instructor

    teaches in english, italian and german

  • Miguel

    kids instructor

    teaches in english, portuguese, italien, french and german

  • Zuzana

    ski & snowboard instructor

    teaches in english, russian and french

  • Raoul

    instructor SSS level 3

    teaches in english and french

  • Carlo

    ski instructor JS

    teaches in english, italien and french

we offer you private or group lessons and concierge

Our flexible approach to teaching - from one-on-one private lessons through to groups…

We aim to fit with your requirements and we can build a timetable for you based on what you need. If you wish us to, we can collect you from your apartment before your lesson and deliver you back afterwards!

Group lessons are available for a minimum of three persons, maximum six. A percentage of your contribution for that service goes to the UNICEF... 

Please let us know in which language your teaching is required. Our sports-university educated instructors can  offer lessons in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian...

Private Lessons
Ski / Snowboard / Telemark / Monoski

     These lessons are offered in several different languages by a team of highly qualified instructors who are passionate teachers and who possess a strong sense of service... For more information please click on the link below or contact us...

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Group Lessons
Ski / Snowboard

 Our groups are composed of maximum six children or adults. Larger groups can be provided for with additional instructor(s). Teaching in small groups offers the opportunity to learn at a faster rate and affords greater security for your loved ones... For more information about group lessons, please click on the link below or contact us!

Prices and info

BabySitting / Hotels

If you need a babysitter, advice on nearby restaurants, hotels and any additional information on other activities in and around Zermatt please click on the link below or contact us!

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photo gallery

Here are the latest pictures of your classes and instructors in action... During group lessons we offer complimentary pictures and short movie clips of your progress and accomplishments during the week. You may also find them in our picture gallery below...!

contact us

We answer your phone calls and emails 24/7...!  We are located in the centre of Zermatt  at the address mentioned hereunder. We are just a few steps away from the church  and we are open every day from 9am till 1pm and from 4pm till 7pm...

Alpine Swiss School
Metzggasse 9 (church square), 3920 Zermatt
phone +41 27 967 31 70


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